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Marrakech Menara airport is located approx. 6 km from the centre of town (15mn).It is considered as one of the most beautiful in Africa. Passengers trafic is growing at 20% in 2017.

Flights from North America transfer from Casablanca or you may transfer from many European cities (London, Paris, Roma, Madrid, etc.). The airport is serviced by many major airlines, including BMI, Royal Air Maroc, American Airlines, Delta, British Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, Air France, Brussels Airlines, SAS, easyJet, Ryanair, Iberia, TAP Air….

International travellers, please note that you can arrange your pick up in Casablanca, a two-hours drive from Marrakech.
! Recommended Option : A Fast Track service is available to avoid waiting in line for controls on arrival and departure. The cost is around 50€/person and it must be booked in advance.  ou
Waiting time depends on the number of planes arriving or leaving at the same time than yours.

Particpants may benefit from reduced rates on AIR FRANCE – KLM flights. Click on the logo to check :


Airport Transfer
When booking your room, you may want to request airport transfer which will help you at your arrival. Especially for Riads that cannot be reached by cars or taxis. The hotel will then take care of your luggage and you wont have to deal with taxis at the airport. Airport taxis rate should be 100 dirhams but they ask usually for 150 dirhams and arguing against all of them is difficult!. Most Hotels wont charge you more than that or even will do it free of charge..


Passport is required. No entry with any other ID.
EU citizens, including UK passportholders, do not need a visa to visit Morocco. Passports must be valid for a minimum of 3 months from date of entry. Please check with your local embassy for your local needs.

Please note that Citizens holding a valid passport of the following countries do not need a visa to enter the Kingdom of Morocco (If your stay is longer than 90 days, a resident permit is required and can be issued by the Police Department of your place of residence in Morocco):
Algeria – Andorra – Argentina – Australia – Austria – Bahrain – Belgium – Brazil – Bulgaria – Canada – Chile – Congo (Brazaville) – Croatia – Cyprus – Czech Republic – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Great Britain – Greece – Guinea (Conakry) – Hong Kong – Hungary – Iceland – Indonesia – Ireland – Italy – Ivory Coast – Japan – Kuwait – Latvia – Libya – Liechtenstein – Lithuania – Luxemburg – Mali – Malta – Mexico – Monaco – Netherlands – New Zealand – Niger – Norway – Oman – Peru – Philippines – Poland – Puerto Rico – Qatar – Romania – Russian Federation – Saudi Arabia – Senegal – Singapore (They can stay one month without visa) – Slovakia – Slovenia – South Korea – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Tunisia – Turkey – United Arab Emirates – United States of America – Venezuela.
Citizens from countries not listed above do need a visa.

Please check with Moroccan autorities for any change.
Useful Information

An Arabic Dialect is the language used in Morocco, but French is also widely spoken.

The official currency of Morocco is the Dirham. £1=12 Dirhams. €1=11 Dirhams

Most places will accept major credit cards. Visa and Mastercard can also be used at ATM’s in main cities (check with your bank for charges).

If you want to avoid banks fees you may look at alternatives like Revolut or TransferWise.

Moroccan Dirhams may not be imported or exported due to exchange control. Currency can easily be exchanged at the airport Bureau de Change, banks or hotels. The majority of hotels use the same exchange rates as the banks and do not charge commission. Exchange receipts should be kept as they will be required to convert Dirhams back to your original currency upon departure from Morocco.

Marrakech has a Mediterranean climate and the average temperature in February is around 19º Celsius / 67º Farenheit. Temperatures can vary from as high as 25o C during the day to as cool as 2o C at night.

Local Time
Local time is GMT = Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +1 from early June until the end of October)

Morocco has an excellent mobile phone infrastructure which supports 3G and data roaming.

Free WiFi hotspots exist in many cafes or restaurants or hotels.

210 volts with European type round 2 pin sockets.

It is recommended that you drink bottled water and avoid tap water or ice in drinks.