Plan Your Arrival!

After landing, you just want to go to your hotel as fast as possible! But it may take a very long time queuing security & customs check points; then when at last you get out, finding transportation may be stressful. Here are our tips :

Book 24hours before your trip a fast track service : 40€

Is it worth it ? It depends on the number of flights arriving at the same time as yours. 3 flights or more make for a long line… Less than 3, you do the line while your luggage get to the belt… The service is very successful, we wonder when the priority lane will be longer than the ordinary lane…

Fast Track Marrakech Airport : (click here)
Directly from your aircraft gate, one agent will meet you with a sign and then fast track you through immigration, security and customs formalities into the baggage collection area then into arrivals.


Strong Advice : If you don’t want to be expedited in a taxi for a cost 10 times the usual, please choose one of these solution :

  1. Book in advance your transfer with , very reliable, the booking goes through a british agency, “The Trip Crowd” and will cost you approximately 10€. (you can also use their services while in Marrakech for a day trip, and for your return to the airport).
  2. Or, when booking your room, you may want to request airport transfer which will help you at your arrival. Especially for Riads that cannot be reached by cars or taxis. The hotel will then take care of your luggage and you wont have to deal with taxis at the airport. Airport taxis rate should be 50 dirhams but they ask usually often for 200 dirhams or more and arguing against all of them is difficult!. Most Hotels wont charge you more than that or even will do it free of charge..