The seminar is a self-financed international meeting without any sponsoring. Unlike major meetings, invited guests will be expected to register for participation in all the work, including the closing session, so that the discussion can be developed as and when.

Any confidential material must be anonymized. It should not be assumed that because, for example, this is taking place on another continent that a patient’s confidentiality is somehow of less fundamental importance. In registering, you are agreeing to keep confidential any such material that you see or hear. You agree to destroy all papers provided to you and erase any copy from your storage including cloud storage.


The fees are 430 €. They include :

  • access to the conference,
  • the welcome cocktail on Friday evening,
  • two lunches on site on Friday and Saturday,
  • the different coffee breaks and welcome coffee
  • interpreter translator fees.

Optional with additional fee:

  • the inaugural dinner on Thursday : 70 € per person,
  • Saturday evening Gala dinner: € 70 per person,
  • for your partner(s), cocktail on Friday evening : €75 per person


This event is by invitation only. If you did not receive an invitation to participate do not register as it will be void.

The form is available online. If the form cannot be filled out, please inform us by e-mail:

The registration form must be complete and specify the personal and billing information.

A confirmation message will be sent to the address you have indicated.


You may pay using : Bank transfer, Card, or cheque.

>Bank transfer

We accept bank transfers in Dollars US (USD), British Pounds (GBP) and Euros.

For USD : Registration : $480, each Dinner $90, Guest Cocktail $95 (May change according to currency rates)

For GBP : Registration : £390, each Dinner £70 , Guest Cocktail £75 (May change according to currency rates)

No exchange fees.

Download Bank Transfer Details for USD & GBP accounts ONLY

For Bank transfer in any other currency use the following :

Download Conference Bank Transfer details All Currencies

(fees charged to the participant – you must ensure that the exact amount will be fully credited to the account of the association)

Send us the proof of transfer.


Cheque are accepted only if they are drawn on an account held in France.

Make the cheque payable to Association Bion in Marrakech and send it to the association, 6 rue de Navarin 75009 Paris.

>Credit Card

Go to payment page after registering

The payment by credit card is processed by PayPal (it is not necessary to open a PayPal account).

An invoice will be sent to each participant.

TERMS and CONDITIONS (abbreviated)


If you need to cancel your booking :

Registration fees: In case of cancellation before May 1st, 2020 you will be refunded minus 70€ for banking fees etc. We will not be able to offer any refund after May 1st.

Optional fees (dinners) will be 100% refundable until September 1st, 2020.

(None of your expenses related to stay or transport or other will be supported by the association.We strongly recommend you to check your insurance and / or to take out insurance for your trip).

Should the conference be canceled, the amounts paid for the optional activities will be reimbursed at 100%, the registration fees will be reimbursed minus bank fees, foreign exchange and expenses incurred by the association not recoverable.

Bion in Marrakech reserves the right to amend the program or reschedule or relocate or cancel an event.

The Association assumes no liability if an event is cancelled or rescheduled resulting from fire, strike, terrorism, industrial action, extreme weather or any cause beyond our control.

The association can not be held responsible for any accident, damage, theft, etc. to participants or their personal belongings which occur during or in connection with the conference.

Payment of the registration fee constitutes acceptance of the above provisions.