eran rolnik

Eran Rolnik

Dr. Eran Rolnik is a training-psychoanalyst of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society (IPA) and board-certified psychiatrist in private practice.  Dr. Rolnik also holds a PhD  in history.

He published 70 journal papers, essays, book chapters and book reviews on historical, clinical, conceptual and cultural-critical issues. He translated from German, edited and wrote introductory essays to several volumes of Freud’s essays. His book Freud in Zion: Psychoanalysis and the Making of Modern Jewish Identity (Karnac:London 2012) has been translated into several languages. Eran Rolnik’s fields of research are: the history of psychoanalysis, the evolution of Freud’s thought, psychoanalytic discourse in Israel, psychoanalysis and critical theory, psychoanalysis and historiography, psychoanalysis and theory of translation, Psychoanalytic Dream Theory, Psychoanalytic training. Dr. Rolnik has published in Hebrew, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech and Greek.