yolanda gampel

Yolanda Gampel

Yolanda Gampel, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology and Program of Advanced Psychotherapy, Sackler Medical School, Tel-Aviv University; Invited associated professor to l’Université de Paris Nanterre de 1985-1987 et à l’Université Lumière II Lyon 2000-2001, training analyst, and past president (1989–1991) of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society and Institute; vice-president, European Federation of Psychoanalysis (2001–2005); representative for Europe, board of the International Psychoanalytic Association (2007–2011); recipient of the Hayman International Prize for Published Work Pertaining to Traumatized Children and Adults, 2001 and the Mary S. Sigourney Award, 2006.

She has published many papers in various psychoanalytic journals in English, French, Spanish and German and she has also contributed chapters to several books on effects of social political violence in children, the analyst, and the psychoanalytic process. She has also published on Child and Adolescent Analysis. “Ces Parents qui vivent à travers moi. Les enfants de guerres,” has been published in French by Fayard  and translated in four languages.