Luca Caldironi

Luca Caldironi is an Italian licensed MD and clinical psychiatrist, he is a member of the Italian Society of Psychoanalysis (SPI), and also holds memberships in APsaA, CIPS and in the IPA.

He is a professor at the Martha Harris School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Bologna, Italy and he has been a lecturer at the Padova University, Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology (FISPPA). His numerous publications and presentations reflect an emphasis on Bionian thought, especially around the concept of “creativity”, which he also incorporates as director of the Venetian art exhibition space Castello925 ( He has a private practice in both Modena and Venice.

Over time he increasingly felt the need to use his knowledge, gained through his clinical work, in other fields, such as the artistic and the creative one in its broadest sense. From this need and reason was born the idea of “K-Now-L-Edge”, devoted to the study of creativity and its develops between art and psychoanalysis.

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